Fighters fire in the district of Donetsk airport

Боевики ведут огонь в районе донецкого аэропорта

The war in the Donbass

One Ukrainian soldier was killed today in the Donbas. One more is wounded. Six militants have repeatedly opened fire on our positions. Fired Heater, Shirokino, Water. The difficult situation has developed in the area of Avdeevka. Have been there our posted by Igor Levenok.

“Do you hear? Yes, hear…”.

Advanced near Avdeevka. The area of the Donetsk airport. Shooting here has been simmering since last night.

Soldiers say – that night was the hottest since the beginning of the truce. Mercenaries tightly pouring lead Ukrainian positions.

“Was really heavy fire – small arms, again, heavy machine guns, RPGs, LNG, including a couple of minutes of the eighty-second came the so-called “alabammy””, – says Igor, a member of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“Here you see the concrete slab are, that is they go out side and beat via adapters eighty-second mortar”.

The soldiers were ordered to open fire in response.

“Yes, Yes, when they began to “Alabama” to throw them, too, we podnikatele a bit. But we small, we do not apply a small Yes…”, – said the soldier of Armed forces of Ukraine with the Callsign “Pinochet”.

“We are responsible only in cases of extreme aggression only when it is directly need to intervene,” says a member of the Armed forces of Ukraine with the call sign “Komodo dragon”.

The fighter with the Callsign “Varan” on the front performs the duties of a military medic. Says he has a job, if the enemy is not time to fight back.

“That is, gets wounded, but the soldiers showed their knowledge in medicine, and of course the Wounded man survived,” says a member of the Armed forces of Ukraine with the call sign “Komodo dragon”.

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See military as mercenaries equip the new position.

“Digging trenches, and hear the sounds of equipment, including heavy. Tracked, likely the tanks, they are all doing so well and we too, of course. Oh, heard the bullet flew? This, this…”, – says Igor, a member of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

But CSKA assure – enemy anything “does not Shine”, in addition to a large thrashing.

“Break! Will not break! And the means we have, everything we have.”

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