Ukrainian biathletes presented the new form

Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

Now our athletes can be distinguished on the track and the podium.

Friday, July 13, at the Olympic house in Kyiv took place the ceremony of signing the sponsorship contract between the Federation of biathlon of Ukraine and the companies “PEAK Sport” and “Craft” which next season will be put on our team.

The Chinese company “PEAK Sport”, which is the sponsor of the 14 national Olympic teams and many federations, next season will provide the Ukrainian biathlon training, daily shape and form for formal occasions. All each team member will receive 16 items of equipment for winter and summer period.

While the shape is still not sewn, and the presentation could only see it on the screen. During the presentation, the representatives of the Chinese company said its lucky that everyone PEAK starts to work instantly improve your results.

Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

For the reason that PEAK does not develop racing overalls, on the slopes of the Ukrainian biathlon team will be in the form of every “Craft”. The company collaborates with Sweden, Finland and the United States, and now with Ukraine. Models at the presentation of the new forms was made by Dmitry Pidruchny and Irina Varvynets.

Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

Thanks to this form and Petrikov painting on the sleeves, starting next season, fans will easily be able to know our athletes – many complained last season. Front and rear left white paste, because there will be Biba.

Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

It is reported that both forms were developed in close cooperation with the leading athletes of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine. Both contracts sponsorship, without a single penny, and for four years until the next Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

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Украинские биатлонисты презентовали новую форму

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian athletes returned home after the training camp in Belarus.

In the near future on our site read reviews Vladimir and Dmitry Brynzak Pidruchna.

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