Nosa Nosa of the Brazilians and Cadillac Rusina: how newcomers Dynamo were dedication

Nosa Nosa от бразильцев и Кадилак Русина: как новички Динамо прошли посвящение

Had to sing even a new coach and breeder.

Newcomers Dynamo Kiev sang at a dinner at the Austrian training camp, and thus have been initiated as a new team.

Brazilian players, midfielder che Che and protector Sidley performed their hit Nosa Nosa.

che che sickly from V. S. O. P. on Vimeo.

Young striker Nazar Rusin, who was transferred to the main team, sang the hit Dzidzio Kadilak.

Rusin from V. S. O. P. on Vimeo.

Had to sing and winter newbie Benjamin Verbic that this fate is spared winter collection.

verbic from V. S. O. P. on Vimeo.

Interestingly, the dedication had to go through even the coach of the Kiev Eduardo Docampo and breeder Vadim Komardin.

Eduardo Docampo , Vadim Komardin from V. S. O. P. on Vimeo.

Recall that Sidley signed a contract for 5 years and will play under number 17.

With the full schedule and results of matches Dynamo at the training camp can be found on our website.

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