Lobbyists in the United States reported on the Nord stream-2

Лоббисты в США отчитались по Северному потоку-2

Four lobbying companies in the US received more than 2.1 million dollars for the promotion of the Nord stream-2.


In the United States the interests of the project implementing Nord stream-2 companies from 2017 lobbied Capitol Counsel, Hawksbill Group, Roberti Global and SMW Partners.

These firms received for their work from a consortium of about 2.1 million dollars, informs on Thursday, July 12, according to RBC, citing data from the U.S. Senate.

Ukrainian state company Naftogaz of Ukraine for the last six months had paid the U.S. lobbying firm Yorktown Solutions 8400 dollars, a subsidiary of Naftogaz – Kyiv city organization of employers of the oil and gas industry has listed her another 161,5 thousand dollars,

For the money Yorktown Solutions had, in particular, to ensure “effective elimination of threats posed by Nord stream-2,” reads the agreement concluded by the company. Among the goals also include support of integration of Ukrainian and European energy markets.

In February of this year, Naftogaz has signed another contract with Yorktown Solutions – this time on 465 thousand dollars. The American company under the Treaty should “prepare columns, articles and researches directed against the construction of the Nord stream-2”.

At Yorktown Solutions also has contracts with the Ukrainian military by the state-owned Ukrinmash and Spetstechnoexport. All lobbyists received from Ukrainian state companies 214,9 thousand dollars.

Nord stream-2 half-financed by Russia’s Gazprom and half by five European energy firms, the cost of the project is 9.5 billion euros. Total length of the pipeline, which is expected to be installed in parallel to the first Nord stream shall be 1220 km. Work is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Against the project actively support the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, and USA.

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