The coach Croatia: I Want to play our best match in the final

Наставник Хорватии: Хотим сыграть наш лучший матч в финале

Zlatko Dalic commented on the victory over England in the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup.

Head coach of Croatia Zlatko Dalic shared his impressions from victory over England in the world Cup semi-final.

“We were better than England in all aspects. Do not think that I do not respect the opponent. We just studied it, knew how England is playing. For example, Henderson just turned off from the game. Constantly pressuring the defense.

During the break I told the guys that we should not lose our heads. We must continue to play our own game. Think Croatia played better than against Argentina.

Experts have said that England will host Croatia? Well, then they are not experts. Experts would understand that Croatia is stronger than England in everything.

If I remember semi-final game of the 1998 world Cup between Croatia and France? In Croatia we all remember this game, remember Tuesday by the coach, remember lose. This game discuss 20 years. I remember how happy they Suker, but when we got closer to the gate, you lose. Maybe God gave us a chance to settle scores. But we are not looking for revenge, this is football, is a sport. Just want to prepare ourselves to play our best match in the final,” said Dalic.

Earlier it was reported that the team of Croatia in a tight match proved to be stronger than England.

See also video goals of the match Croatia – England.

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