NATO insists on the reform of the security Service of Ukraine

НАТО настаивает на реформе Службы безопасности Украины

NATO welcomed the “significant progress in reforms, in particular the recent adoption of the law on Higher anti-corruption court.

NATO allies urged Ukraine to make best use of the tools at the disposal of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, in particular the annual national cooperation programme (ESP), as well as to reform the security Service. This is stated in the statement adopted following the meeting of Georgia-Ukraine NATO Commission in Brussels Thursday, July 12.

NATO welcomed the “significant progress in reforms, in particular the recent adoption of the law on Higher anti-corruption court and national security law.

“The last act is a welcome and important step in the approximation of the Ukrainian sector of security and defence to the Euro-Atlantic standards and practices. NATO allies urged Ukraine to implement the provisions of the Law in order to strengthen civilian control and democratic oversight of the security sector and defense of Ukraine”, – the document says.

The Alliance urged Ukraine “to further capacity building in the field of command and control, planning and budgeting, improvement of military education, as well as to ensure the timely reform of the security services”.

With regard to the law on education adopted in September 2017, the allies urged Ukraine to fully implement the recommendations and conclusions of the Venice Commission, Ukraine has declared its readiness to do so.

“The success of reforms in Ukraine, in particular the fight against corruption and the promotion of inclusiveness of the electoral process based on democratic values, respect for human rights, national minorities and the rule of law will be crucial to create the Foundation for a prosperous and peaceful Ukraine, firmly anchored among European democracies,” the document says.

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Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko said that NATO’s support impacts on the country’s accession to the Alliance is the motivation to continue reforms.


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