Ex-Tesla employee accused the company of defrauding investors

Экс-работник Tesla обвинил компанию в обмане инвесторов

The company allegedly installed battery with marriage, and also used broken parts again.

Fired Tesla employee Martin Tripp company was accused of defrauding investors and using dangerous batteries in the Assembly of electric vehicles. According to The Washington Post, Tripp applied for former employer to the Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

The owls former technologist Tesla, the company has established a battery with marriage, and also used broken parts again. In addition, he said that data on the number of cars produced in the Model 3 regularly overstatement, but in fact, the company produced 44% fewer cars. Tesla, deny all charges.

Earlier it was reported that the electric car will fire about nine percent of its staff to reduce costs and maintain the profitability of production of electric cars. And in early may, Tesla reported a loss for the fifth quarter in a row.


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