The doctor of Michael Jackson said about chemical castration of the singer

Врач Майкла Джексона заявил о  химической кастрации  певца

According to the doctor, the initiator of this was the late father of the pop star Joe Jackson. He did it for the sake of preserving the voice of the son.

The personal physician of Michael Jackson Conrad Murray stated that the father of the legendary pop singer “chemically castrated” it in adolescence. This writes the

“The fact that he was castrated in order to maintain his high voice, simply incredible”, – quotes the words of Murray edition.

The doctor also added that Joe Jackson resorted to injections of hormones when his son was 12 years old. They were made under the pretext of treatment of acne and also to avoid breaking voice.

“I hope Joe Jackson atones for his sins in hell,” added the medic.

It is known that Joe Jackson died due to a long illness in June 2018.

Conrad mentions “chemical castration” by Michael Jackson for the first time. Even earlier, in 2016, he has hinted at data manipulation in his own autobiography.

However, about the veracity of the allegations, Murray’s hard to judge. It is known that Michael Jackson is supposedly his daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson who was born in April 1998.

Earlier it was reported that music producer Josphe Jackson died at the age of 89 years.

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