Scientists have recorded emanating from Saturn music

Ученые записали исходящую от Сатурна  музыку

The experts recorded a powerful interaction between the plasma waves coming from Saturn to his moon.

Scientists have conducted a new study based on data from the mission Grand Finale of the probe Cassin. In the course he had discovered a previously unknown interaction between Saturn and its satellite Enceladus. About it writes Science Alert.

During observation it was found that waves of plasma move along the magnetic field lines that connects Saturn with the satellite.

To capture the sounds of plasma waves between Saturn and its satellites, Cassini used his tool recipesmenus waves.

Specialists converted the recording of the intensity of this signal in the “whistling” sound in the audio format.

“We have now discovered that Saturn responds to perturbations from its companion in the form of waves in plasma, using the contour lines of the magnetic field, linking it to Enceladus, at a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers away,” said one of the researchers Ali Suleiman.

Earlier it was reported that Hubble took a picture of a cluster of galaxies, which can contain thousands of them.

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