Plastic is a killer. The world refuses to tubes

Пластик-убийца. Мир отказывается от трубочек

The reject plastic straws for drinks has become a new environmental trend. Denying them McDonalds, Starbucks and others. It is a serious threat?

The world was born a new environmental trend is to refuse plastic straws for drinks in favor of straws, made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.

To join the campaign of European countries, some American municipalities, McDonalds, Starbucks and others.

Plastic really does to the environment serious damage, he killed millions of animals. However, experts say that the damage to nature it is from the sticks is not as significant. Корреспондент.net versed in question.


Why ganged up on the tube?

To abandon the plastic tubes began to call after the viral video in which the biologists get their nose sea turtles straws off the coast of Costa Rica.

Initially scientists thought that the turtle from nose sticking out of the parasite, which can attach to the brain of reptiles. Cut a piece of biologists were amazed, writes National Geographic, they didn’t expect it to be a cocktail straw. She occupied the entire nasal passage and made it difficult to breath.

To get the object they were able hard, turtle resisted, probably because of the pain and her nose started bleeding. The procedure took ten minutes. Before releasing the turtle into the sea, scientists have prodezinfitsirovat nose and watched if she was okay.

Attention! Video is not recommended for people with weak nerves

After the video, which to date has garnered over 30 million views, launched a campaign on the network “No tube” and #stopsucking (suck).


So whether they are harmful

According to environmentalists, plastic tubes are not very large part of the world’s plastic garbage. There is evidence that they are only responsible for a fifth of plastic that scientists discover in the oceans.

But the size and shape of the tubes makes them extremely dangerous to marine animals and birds. Thus, an estimated 71 percent of birds and 30% of turtles have plastic in the esophagus, which in half of cases leads to death.

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How has planet Earth and what to expect

According to the American public initiatives One Less Straw (One straw less) every year as a result of swallowing pieces of plastic debris in the world killed 100 thousand marine animals and one million seabirds.

And the length of all the plastic tubes, which in just one day throw in the USA, 2.5 times larger than the perimeter of the planet Earth.

A European study found that across the EU used annually 36 billion plastic straws.

Environmentalists urged not to focus only on the tubes, and to solve the problem of plastic waste in a comprehensive manner.


Who refuses plastic straws

9 July on the transition to a more ecological way drinking announced the world famous coffee chain Starbucks.

The company plans to gradually remove the plastic tubes from all the cafes network worldwide by 2020. The company has already designed the cover (but plastic) for their cold drinks, which does not require tube.

In appearance they resemble children’s sippy Cup. Some drinks will be sold with paper tubes.

Пластик-убийца. Мир отказывается от трубочек

Starbucks refuses plastic straws / Getty

The Hyatt also announced that the plastic tube will be issued to customers only on request.

As a result, in mid-April of this year it became known that the government in London working on a ban of a number of disposable products of plastic straws for drinking, cocktail sticks and cotton swabs.

The ban could enter into force in 2019 and will act only on the territory of England. However, Scotland on the development of the same ban announced at the beginning of the year.

The company McDonalds has already announced about the refusal from plastic tubes in her 1.3 thousand fast food restaurants in the UK.

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The world of excess. The tragic consequences of population growth

Instead, visitors will be given a tube of cardboard – and then only at their request. Discussed and tubes of other materials that will allow you to use them repeatedly – and then wash.

The largest retailer of home goods, IKEA refuses disposable plastic products.

The European Commission plans to ban a number of plastic disposable products and to penalize member countries of the European Union for plastic trash that is not recyclable.

A complete ban on the use of plastic tubes introduced in several American cities – Oakland, Malibu and Circle.

Local restaurants, hotels and shops recommended replacing them with chopsticks made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, including paper and bamboo.


Trash the sea and the death of animals

The amount of debris in the seas and oceans is steadily increasing: according to experts, from year to year, the mass floating in the water waste is increased by ten million tons. Almost 80 percent of all of the waste is made of plastics.

Approximately ten percent of all plastic products is in the ocean. There are five garbage seas of plastic bottles, fishing nets, toys and other items. Scientists warn about the origin of the sixth.

Details about the extent of contamination with plastic material Корреспондент.net the Curse of the seas. Plastic kills millions of animals.

9 June was the world environment day and slogan of the 2018 campaign has become “Fight the plastic pollution”.

Popular National Geographic magazine dedicated its June issue to this environmental problem. The publication was called the planet or Plastic?

NatGeo publishes a lot of shocking data, statistics and vivid photographs that show how plastic is killing wildlife.

Scientists warn of long term impacts of plastic which breaks down to microscopic particles and eventually enter our food chain.

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“Every day, our travelers, explorers and photographers to experience firsthand the devastating effects of disposable plastics on our oceans, and the situation is getting more terrible,” – said the CEO of National Geographic Partners Gary E. Knell.

Norwegian scientist Geir Wing Gabrielsen says plastic pollution kills millions of animals.

Extinction is near. Scientists warned humanity

“The fact that they are entangled in networks and nets, is one thing, but what they eat it is another. Their stomach is full, and they are unable to digest it. And in the end die of hunger,” says the biologist.

The great Pacific garbage patch – an example of a huge garbage dump in the ocean is so huge that it is difficult to understand. It consists of an infinite number of plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic toys, balls and all that plastic garbage that one can imagine.

In the world’s oceans there are five floating garbage dumps of plastic. 80 percent of the content of these enormous layers of plastic garbage due to the land-based activities, only a fifth of the hits from vessels or caused by some activity of the sea.

Of microplastics contaminate all from pole to pole, plastic found even in polar ice, and its concentration is higher than that in sea water there.

In may, scientists reported on the shocking discovery, which demonstrates the seriousness of the problem – a plastic bag found at the bottom of the Mariana trench.

The plastic pollution every year costs the global community at nine billion dollars. In 2014 the world was produced 311 megatons of plastic, in 2050 its production will grow to more than 1,100 megatons.


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