Airport Kiev accused the NEB of the plane crash

Аэропорт Киев обвинил НАБУ в аварии самолета

The BRAVO airlines plane skidded off the runway due to the interference of the NEB into the work of the airport, according to the company’s management.

The management of airport Kiev them. I. Sikorsky said that the actions of the National anti-corruption Bureau led to the accident aircraft company BRAVO, which during landing skidded off the runway. This is stated in the statement of the company “Master-Avia”, which manages the airport.

“June 14, 2018 office building and the terminal of International airport Kiev them. I. Sikorsky has been blocked by employees of NEB, armed with automatic weapons. From 10:00 on June 14 until 5:00 on June 15, for 19 hours, the leadership of the Kiev CP MA and the company “Master-Avia”, including the heads of departments and key staff were held in their offices with no means of communication and the ability to coordinate the operation of the airport. Thus was blocked by the operation as a public company and a private company “Master-Avia”, dealing with the development and maintenance of the airport,” the statement reads.

As noted, the consequences of the actions of NABU was the inability to prevent the accident aircraft with 169 passazhirami that while landing during a heavy storm skidded off the runway. The airport management has not had the opportunity to take appropriate weather situation measures.

“Only through coordinated work of the rescue services of the airport the situation was kept under control and the incident resulted in no injuries. Such incident happened for the first time in 94 years of operation of the airport,” – said in a statement.

The airport warns that in case of repeated blocking of the security forces, to ensure the safety of passengers and crews, the flights will be suspended.

Recall, after the accident, the airport was closed for five hours. Last week, the plane disposed of.


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