The destruction of the glacier showed accelerated video

Разрушение ледника показали на ускоренном видео

Thus, the scientists decided to demonstrate what kind of threat bears the melting of glaciers.

A group of scientists from new York University showed accelerated video the process of splitting of a huge iceberg from the HELHEIM glacier in Greenland. This writes IFLScience.

Length of the iceberg is about six kilometers. The whole process of separation from the glacier lasted about 30 minutes, but in the video it shows 90 seconds.

Scientist Denise Holland and new York University notes that understanding such processes is very important for simulation, and helps to better assess the sea-level rise.

“The better we understand what is happening, the more accurate simulation of climate change we can build,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the largest iceberg on Earth, calved in 2000, will soon disappear completely.

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