NASA showed a colourful picture taken from the ISS of the moon

NASA показало красочный снимок снятой с МКС Луны

Photo satellite of the Earth was taken from the ISS with European space Agency astronaut.

NASA published a picture, which depicted the Moon as the astronauts see every day while on Board the International space station. Picture taken by European space Agency astronaut Alexander Gershom, was published on the Agency’s website.

“Making almost 16 flybys around the Earth every day, the crew of the ISS overcomes the distance to the moon and back every day,” said astronaut in comments to the snapshot.

The moon is “stretched” a day on Earth

It is known that the international space station is manned orbital station, which is used as a space research complex. It is operated jointly by the space agencies of the USA, Japan, Russia, Europe and Canada.

Earlier it was reported that a video of the sunset with a giant Moon has become an Internet hit.

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