Ukrainians in Vegas: Ermolieva learned the secrets of success at last

Украинцы в Вегасе: Ермольчева узнала секреты успеха Качалова

PokerMatch Pro Olga Ermolaeva and most successful Ukrainian poker player in history Eugene Katchalov spoke in the capital of gambling: the game, the bracelet and Ukraine

Adventures of Ukrainians in Las Vegas continues. Despite a busy schedule of tournaments, our poker players find the time to communicate with each other. One such a pleasant meeting took place in a picturesque place of the capital of gambling. PokerMatch Pro Olga Ermolaeva and the most successful player in the history of Ukraine Eugene Katchalov nice talking to you before the start of the Main event of the World series.

Olya, which is due to PokerMatch represents Ukraine at the WSOP in 2018, was not only a talented videobloggers, but also a good interviewer. She asked my Wife more than a dozen different questions that Katchalov tried to answer honestly.

For example, Jack told about his first live experience. “We played some trifle, and at night, I lost six bucks. But the most interesting thing, when we were done, I do not completely understand the rules of the game. But I remember that I liked it — with a smile told Katchalov. — What advice would have given yourself in the past? Probably, the main thing is treat the victories and defeats. If fast and a lot of wins, there is a danger that you may find that it is very easy”.

15-year career of the Ukrainian pays less attention to poker, focusing on the development of the team in eSports. “I think my poker experience here, but miss the WSOP Main Event I could not.”

Eugene talked about his while the only (and the first in the history of Ukraine) champion of the WSOP bracelet, which he won in 2011. And, pleasantly, positively assessed the development of poker in our country. “I know that now a lot of people want to play, interested. I’m waiting for the day when Ukraine will be free to conduct live tournaments,” says Katchalov. — I have no doubt that the Ukrainians will be able to play not worse than the Americans”.

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And at parting revealed the secret of how to win a WSOP bracelet. About this and much more in the interview with Eugene Kachalova Olga Ermolaeva.

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