IT school Samsung: from education to professional programming

IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования

In 2018-2019 school year, students from 6 cities of Ukraine will be able to get free education programming thanks to the project “IT school Samsung”, which provides the basics of developing applications for the Android system.

This project was created with the support of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and Institute of modernization of content of education, and is designed for pupils of senior classes of secondary schools.

Enrollment to the program “IT-school Samsung” will be through entrance test which will be able to pass students in grades 9-11 in the schools of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Lviv and Odessa. Under the wing of modern programmers and specialists of the Ukrainian center of research and development, Samsung will be classes for those two hundred students who will get highest index in the selection. In order to register for the test you just need to leave the application on the project website. Until 10 September to the email address provided during registration, will receive information about the date and time of testing.

IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования



During the year children will learn how the basics of programming in the Java language and object-oriented programming under Android. AV the end of the project the final exam will be a protection application that will need to create your own.

The development of the project

In today’s world, where some innovative technologies rapidly displace other, where instead of manual labour in force in the robotic cars and artificial intelligence, priorities change future professions. New times require new skills in the IT field, so professionals with knowledge of programming from rising in price in the labor market.

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To lay a solid Foundation in the minds of high school students before the choice of profession the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has developed the draft of the New Ukrainian schools, through which children can learn the basics of programming, and to develop information literacy and algorithmic thinking.

IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования



Pilot project “IT school Samsung” begins in the 2016-2017 school year with two schools in Kyiv. A year later, in Vinnytsia, Lviv and Dnipro earned three institutions. Each Samsung was have computer labs equipped with 16 modern workplaces. Since September the schools will be opened in Kharkiv and Odessa, and already 8 schools will operate in 6 cities of Ukraine.

IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования



As a result of the previous academic year in late spring held a graduation ceremony of the project “IT school Samsung”. In the main office of “Samsung Electronics Ukraine” was presented 9 projects from the finalist teams from Kiev. During training at school, students had to create their own IT projects, which were then judged by a qualified jury. Engineers Institute of research and development Samsung together with the top management of “Samsung Electronics Ukraine” chose the most interesting applications for the Android operating system, developed by young programmers. Among them were educational mini-games, and the game on knowledge of geography and cities in the world, instant messengers, online currency Converter, software tester, fitness tracker, an app for remote data collection from the smartphone and even analyzer of the ingredients in the products. It the jury noted by the diploma for the first place, which got two of its founder, a student of 11th grade – Julia and Julia Habacuc samartseva. Overall, 19 of the graduates have defended self-made IT-applications and received certificates of successful completion of “IT school Samsung”.

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IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования



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