Weather in the second half of 2018 will be very strange

Погода во второй половине 2018-го будет очень странной

AccuWeather publishes a detailed forecast for the remainder of the summer months for the whole of Europe, reports the lifter.

That is different regions in July and August:

France, Germany and North Italy: the high fire risk from the heat.

Temperatures will reach 32 °C in Toulouse and Lyon (France), Milan and Florence (Italy) and Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany).

The most severe heat is in southern France and Northern Italy, where the temperature rises to 38 °C.

Although it is expected that precipitation will be less than normal, from time to time is only possible powerful thunderstorms. Likely they will have devastating consequences due to wind and floods.

Poland, Czech Republic and Belarus: a strong storm.

The combination of heat waves, with individual intrusions of moist air from the Mediterranean will lead to the emergence of strong storms from Eastern Poland and the Czech Republic to Belarus and southern Lithuania. The strongest thunderstorms will happen in the afternoon and early evening.

The highest threat is in Prague (Czech Republic), Wroclaw and Warsaw (Poland) and Minsk (Belarus).

Thunderstorms are accompanied by destructive winds, hail, and floods that will disrupt traffic. The strongest thunderstorms can also cause strong tornadoes and large destructive hail.

Severe thunderstorms are also possible in Munich and Dresden (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

The Balkan Peninsula and the South of Italy: the threat of floods due to thunderstorms.

In southern Italy and on the Balkan Peninsula, unlike most of Europe, rainfall will be very much. This will lead to increased flood threat.

Slow storm and dangerous floods threaten Rome and Naples (Italy), Tirana (Albania), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania).

In addition, in these places the rains lasting up to 3-5 days. This will cause increased risk of flooding and landslides, especially at the foot of the Apennines and the Dinaric Alps.

UK, Belgium, Netherlands: warm and dry.

In the British Isles, Northwest France, Belgium and the Netherlands in the summer will be warm and dry.

Although it is expected heatwaves, they will mainly affect southern France, Northern Italy and Germany.

Most likely, this summer will be the warmest in the region for the last 8 years.

Periods of dry and warm weather could lead to drought, which is bad for agriculture.

Ukraine: drought.

In Ukraine and in the North of the Balkan Peninsula in the summer expect a serious drought. Since April, Ukraine has covered the dry weather, which will last until Aug.

This dryness can lead to crop failure. The level of summer precipitation almost throughout Ukraine will be this year at 50% below normal.

Drought combined with periods of extreme heat could lead to water shortages in some places.

Iberian Peninsula: a normal summer.

But in Portugal and Spain, the summer will be hot and rainy. The threat of drought is not, and the fire hazard is quite low, despite occasional thunderstorms.

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