The recognition of the annexation of Crimea: Trump has told how to behave with Putin

Признание аннексии Крыма: Трампу рассказали, как вести себя с Путиным

Donald Trump is now very important not to make concessions to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Such an opinion in his column was expressed by an American diplomat, a former State Department official under Barack Obama, Victoria Nuland.

She warned trump from the unilateral concessions of the Russian Federation and reminded that Putin improved relations with the West more than the West improving relations with Russia.

Nuland stressed that the United States must abide by the principled position on the question of Russian occupation of Crimea.

Признание аннексии Крыма: Трампу рассказали, как вести себя с Путиным

“Instead of having to recognize the annexation of Crimea and to forgive Putin interference in our elections and lifting of sanctions, Mr. trump, before enlisting this support, NATO can regain the greatness of American diplomacy, if you show Putin that the normalization of relations Russia-the USA needs Russia to start acting in a civilized way”, — she noted.

According to Nuland, concessions Putin will mean the weakening of the US and NATO. She noted that in this case, the trump is losing the competition of the superpowers, which itself was appointed.

Признание аннексии Крыма: Трампу рассказали, как вести себя с Путиным

Recall that in the United States made another statement about his position on the Crimea.

Special envoy of the US State Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the United States does not plan to recognize the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

Such a statement he made during one interview.

Признание аннексии Крыма: Трампу рассказали, как вести себя с Путиным

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In the world

“The American media rushed to conclusions about the recognition. The white house has expressed a very clear — Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton and a spokesman for the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified that the US does not plan to recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea. So we must understand the American position,” said Walker.

Earlier media reports talking about a possible US recognition of annexation of Crimea by Russia after the head of the White house, Donald trump answered the question about such developments: “we’ll See”.

Recall also that the USA have declared that do not intend to go to the rapprochement with Russia and turn a blind eye to its aggression in Ukraine.

The United States will not recognize the annexation of the Russian Federation of the Crimea and does not withdraw sanctions against the Kremlin until, until the occupiers leave the Ukrainian Peninsula.

This was stated during a briefing speaker of the house Sarah Huckaby.

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