Sister’s husband: “you 100. For a bowl of soup.”

Сестра мужа: «С вас 100 рублей. За тарелку супа.»

My husband’s sister is a pediatrician. When we had a child, we lived in the same apartment. And if that happened, she did not want to see his nephew. And said:

— Go to the hospital or pay me.

No duck no, I been to the hospital, not kinked. Then my husband and I moved in with my grandmother, the son went to kindergarten. And I decree retrained for masters of nail service and got a job in a beauty salon.

Learned about it during his sister’s husband, called us and invited for a visit:

— You only the lamp with the lucky pick, at the same time manicure I do.

I told her that the money she made and announced the amount, which is usually taken for a manicure at home.

— Have you any money? Related make me. — she was indignant.

I reminded her, as she refused for free to check on my baby and sent us to the hospital, or has agreed to examine, but for the money. If she asked money for his work, why should I give something free to do. She said

Come, pay a look.

We came to it, there is still the mother-in-law was and girlfriend, and all for a manicure, as it turned out — for free.

I announced your price, agreeing to do a manicure mother-in-law for free. She often helps us with the baby, so I felt it ugly to take her money. But with Wali and her friends I was planning to take to complete. Vale agreed to pay, and her friend, expecting a free service, is gone.

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Mother-in-law I put on first, and she immediately ran away on business.

With these nails, we had to wait, even a few hours. Husband played with the kids — our daughters and sisters. It’s dinner time, he poured his daughters soup. My husband said that our baby is also hungry. Then Val said:

— With you 100 rubles. For a bowl of soup. And if you feed them, then another 200. Well, what family? We’re free anything to each other do not.

— I’m a nanny, I also not free feed? — the husband asked his sister.

— Well, you’re with your child sitting, my so — into the bargain. — said Valya.

— The same here — fed their children and ours in the bargain. smiled the husband.

— No, your wife I even no discount, I’m not going to feed anyone for free!

I silently stood up and began to gather.

— Where are you going? And the nails? — distractedly asked Valya.

— I’m sorry, Val, I have a hungry baby, we are home.

Now even I will be for the soup to pay. She called to visit, here it is — hospitality. What is strange is that I want payment for their work? All I want, and Val, too. And the children do with it? What kind of insanity with the sale of soup?

We left the Vale nails I did not finish, so the money she took. Now I have it — number one enemy.

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