Sister’s husband: “If you think three is a crowd, then the third one is you”

Сестра мужа: «Если ты считаешь, что третий — лишний, то третий — это ты»

My husband’s sister — his twin. Called them almost the same — Artemy and Artemis. When a Subject decided to move in together, she came with her brother.

— In 8 years we swore that we would always be together. You will not prevent this. And if you think three is a crowd, then the third is you. — from the doorway said Artemis, handing their suitcases.

A vow made on 16 ago, I’m not particularly worried. And the husband didn’t treat her seriously. But Artemis was sure that stupid children gives her the right to go into our Artem life.

For starters, I decided to talk seriously with the Subject. To live together means living together. And not, as we lived at that time: I kopeck piece, and at any time of the day or night Artemis could go to our room.

— Honey, well understand, she is very attracted to me. Give it time, calm down and come back home to mom. Maybe the guy will find out and leave me alone, finally. she comforted me Artem.

About the guy he obviously got excited: they are very like each other, and if the Subject is his brutal appearance, brutal Artemis did not look very beautiful. Yes, I know, love is not for beauty.

Artem told me that his sister tried several times to become acquainted with any of her young people, but every time I got turned down.

Apparently, Artemis decided, once her personal life has not developed, and brother to be happy in the relationship, she will not give.She walked over to us tail: we in the movie — she’s with us, we have a movie to watch — she’s with us, and not just side by side, and separating between us, She even into the shower to join us tried and were offended that we were closed.

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The presence of this person in my apartment is beginning to concern me: I, in principle, not very fond of people, and an outsider with a very long nose and haughty manners, just put me on edge.

I set the Theme of the question: his sister needs to move out.

I love you and want to live with you together. In addition, this is my apartment, and I decide who I want here. I was hired in cleaners and cooks to your armless sister. I’m sorry if I offended, but she needs to go. — stunned I loved one.

The decision was not easy for him, he decided to leave with her sister:

— I love you too. But you’re young, smart and beautiful. If I dump you, you’ll have a million guys. And she, but me, no one else.

My attachment to the Subject was stronger than I thought. Gritting my teeth, I endured Artemis, after these conversations imagines about himself knows that.

Then I decided to go the other way. I remembered that I have a cousin, Leszek. He’s lonely, he’s under 30. He has a good job, a complete inability to communicate with the opposite sex and dependence on computer games. I rushed to Lyosha in the legs so he can look after Artemis.

Lame meet was not difficult: I out the window looked whether it and as soon as I saw her, immediately makola Lyosha. He “accidentally” almost hit her with his car. And, as an apology, she went with him to drink coffee! The first step was taken.

Artemis spent at home I have less time: Lyosha dragged her to the cafe and parks. At my expense, of course. A pleasant surprise was the fact that one day he refused the money and said he fell in love.

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I could not believe my luck! Happy Artemis, Yes the guy will disappear from my life! And so it happened. Artemis moved over to Lyosha, completely forgetting about any vows.

They recently got married just a few months after our wedding Themes. The real story is Dating Artemis and Lyosha — our secret. We, along with other relatives, was genuinely surprised to such coincidence that my husband’s sister married my cousin.

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