Sister figured out how to spin her husband’s parents on the content

Сестра придумала, как раскрутить родителей мужа на содержание

My sister, Xenia, jumped married, having my boyfriend. And coveted it’s not on the guy, and his rich dad. And this is what came of it:

She bore her husband a son. Kushina her father — Anatoly and Galina, was in seventh heaven: one and only grandson from her only son soon became in the family king.

Itself Ksenia more attention, no one paid: bore, all — free. At any time you want, parents Casinogo husband, Igor, came and took the grandson.

They rode with him to foreign countries, spoiled its “successor generation.” With concerns and worries about her grandson, Galina with her husband even forgot about his son.

Earlier, before the birth of a child, she had everything: she changed cars once a year, wore fashionable and expensive. Igor worked in dad’s firm. Well — worked, he had a formal position, and worked for him.

Igor forgiven everything — for the failure of the contract with the customer fired innocent girl and not the son of the owner of the company.

Conceived Anatoly Ivanovich grandson to grow — change yourself to bring to the firm and not in the hands of the son of the parasite to give, and to pass as he had hoped, the strong hands of her grandson. As You know, Xenia with her husband were absolutely superfluous and unnecessary people.

The financial flow turned into a barely dripping faucet. To requests for money, she was advised to get a job.

Igor was fired from his job for the next joint. Offered the lower position to actually work — Igor refused:

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— From the head — six? Do work won’t be lost.

So sitting at home without work who are used to big and easy money, Ksenia and Igor. Increasingly began to swear a young family was close to divorce by leaps and bounds.

Under the pretext of lack of a young family of their own funds, my sister’s son moved in with grandma and grandpa.

Xenia saw the child once a month, often did not: the boy English, at any class, if not in the next journey.

Came up with Xenia, where is money to take, how to promote her husband’s parents to the content. And took their son with the words:

— No money — no grandson.

Gathered Anatoly Ivanovich with his wife quite grandson his mother to take through the courts. But then came Igor has doubts in the fatherhood, which he shared with the Almighty Anatoly Ivanovich.

Took Anatoly’s grandson, Yes did a test on the relationship between them. And the result was negative. No, he was dad Casinogo child, but a son of Anatoly Ivanovich, unfortunately, it was not. Well in youth Galina walked.

Divorced Anatoly Ivanovich with his wife, but left her without a penny. Was there a contract of some cunning. Not only the wife of the life he struck out, but Igor with his wife and child. Found a young maid, fathered her baby and lives happily ever after.

Ksenia and Igor, the child’s mother, and live in housing removable, in misery. She calls often, asks for money. Accustomed to the good life, and her back into poverty are lowered — suffering so that the collar beginning to fill. Yes mother her life gives, believes that She is to blame:

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— If you’re not with your child, would my husband find out .. You’re to blame!

And berating Galina sister my poor. Igor on the side of the mom, also the wife blames.

What I’m getting at: thank you, Ksenia, what a rare Musica get rid of me. If not coveted my sister for money, now would I Igorka but his mother suffered.

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