Scientists have found a gene that is responsible for bad breath

Ученые нашли ген, который отвечает за неприятный запах изо рта

Bad breath has always been considered a sign that one simply neglects the hygiene of the oral cavity. But scientists have proven that this is not always true — they found the gene that has to do with it.
International Corporation researchers after a series of tests were able to detect another sudden cause of bad breath — as it turned out, it directly affects the gene, which is present in large quantities in the protein SELENBP1. Scientists suggest that mutations in it are forced to highlight his specific molecules, which are the source of this unpleasant smell. From these proteins can also be use — they tend to suppress the development of cancers.

It is very important to establish the true cause of the phenomenon of bad breath — because the factor of occurrence can be harmless, and to flag such dangerous diseases as cirrhosis of the liver.

For the research researchers recruited five volunteers who are faced with the problem of unpleasant breath. For a start, researchers have completely eliminated the potential causes of this trouble — diet, bad habits and others, and only after that began to breath analysis using gas chromatography. As it turned out, the smell was due to the connection of many molecules containing sulphur, without which it is impossible to fully digestion.

The scientists also confirmed their speculation — the subjects have observed a number of mutations in the SELENBP1 protein. Each subject also had elevated levels mecantile and dimethyl sulphide in the blood. In that moment, when the blood reached the pulmonary vessels and fell directly into the lungs, began the process of separation of these compounds that have such a specific smell.

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