Mother-in-law: “If you love my son won’t care for whom accommodation”

Свекровь: «Если любишь моего сына — не будешь переживать, на кого жильё оформлено»

The apartment my husband’s parents bought. My gave half the amount, and the rest was planned to take out a mortgage. Financial assistance from mother-in-law, I flatly refused — I knew the risks.

Svetlana, mother of my husband, a good man. But it likes to boast of good works. And believes that she did something good according to his will, she need it for, and have done. For example: my husband once the car broke down, his mother gave him to borrow money on the repairs and then demanded that the husband drove her everywhere:

— I told you the car was repaired, if you don’t remember. And could the cab money to spend. — said the mother-in-law.

The fact that the money she was given after 4 days, she was safely out of my head. She’s generally a very strange memory: it remembers only what she needs.

Buying an apartment was a necessity: we are tired of paying for rental housing and are ready to pay for his.

A couple of years ago, my mom sold her grandmother’s apartment. Half of the money she gave to my sister on the extension housing, the second half was promised to help me buy an apartment. Mom did not put any conditions or requirements — just gave the money and everything.

But the mother-in-law, at the stage of talking about his home, eaten my back:

I’ll give you money, don’t want my son paid the mortgage. And the apartment I booked. That shaking your head? To Rob us? Previously, women have property was not. If you love my son — don’t worry, someone accommodation. — frowned Svetlana.

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— Well, why not. If you want to be the issue — makes. But then the entire sum pay out of pocket. — I replied.

Finding the right choice, my husband and I agreed to meet there and see the apartment. The husband came with his mother.

— I should like to know, for the money you pay! — grounded in-law.

— Us Bank has approved the mortgage, You never will not pay. — cut me.

— If you look, in what conditions will live my child. — Svetlana already stamping his little foot and insist on their.

30-year-old “child” he rolled his eyes, but to contradict his mother did not.

The apartment I liked — 2 bedrooms, large kitchen, good repair. I was in awe. The apartment was empty so it was easy to imagine myself as a hostess. A mental placement of furniture interrupted her:

— Here the walls are painted it will be necessary, in the green, they say — it’s comforting. Shower stall to clean, put a normal bath. I’m going to change, its you give, thank you. The light’s poor here, and the floor 7, children will — each fall, I know what a wife you are not careful. — the last phrase mother-in-law whispered a loud whisper in the ear of my husband.

Home again after discussing, we decided take!

Only instead of mortgage funds, the husband took money from his mother. So in our apartment there is the “main hostess”. She was in charge, how to arrange the furniture, bought us bright orange curtains with a acid green border, and called a plumber, so he dismantled the shower stall so she could pick her up. Needless to say, she grabbed a set of keys and walked us to his home.

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Saturday morning, my husband woke up in a negligee and went to the kitchen for Breakfast. The kitchen was Svetlana. She’s standing on a stool, rearranging the kitchen cabinets. Hearing that we are here, she began to speak:

— I did not want to Wake you up, I think — tired son, all week worked, let him sleep, and I sit quietly. Now the master will come for a shower. And the tub’s on the way to you. Good bath, good. Your grandparents in it washed. — mother-in-law wept, got off his stool and turned to us. — What is this shamelessness? Come quickly, come dressed!

Here already I lost my nerve.

— Here’s another! I’m at home as I want, and go. And You here today did not call and did not wait. It is necessary to warn about your arrival in advance. — I walked past mother-in-law and put the kettle on.

I felt right at 100%: I she asked nothing and didn’t take it. The money she lectured my husband almost by force. Why my mother does not come to us as a home? She also paid half the rent. I grasped this idea and set the Cup on the table and left the room. Finding the phone, I called my mom:

— Hey, mom. Are you busy with? Can you come over? Mother-in-law I have, life does not. Considers himself a mistress. Well, Yes. I will say this…. — I gave the mother instructions and waited.

The doorbell rang after 40 minutes. The doors opened to her — she’s the hostess, then came to her.

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— Oh, friend, Hello. Long time no see. Tell me that you’re the lip on the shower stall roll? I currently take! I paid for half of this apartment, so it’s mine! You know, I thought — silly us children, innocent. Move me to him here to live! What? Have the right — I bought them an apartment! — mother began her speech.

The abuse between my mom and mother-in-law was enchanting. In the end, they both got ready and left. As I later learned, to drink wine at the negotiating table. I do not know how she did it, but mother-in-law no longer considers himself a mistress, and comes in advance by calling.

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