Mother-in-law: “have You got an apartment of my daughter and leave my son”

Свекровь: «Ты отдашь квартиру моей дочери и оставишь в покое моего сына»

I am 10 years — almost a third of his life, cared for by the grandfather of her husband. In a rented apartment with the kids. While Alice, the sister of her husband, lived in his grandfather’s house. Mother-in-law the father of her husband, too, was not needed — they didn’t get along.

I did not finish my studies, not built a career. All my spare time was divided between caring for elderly sick person and children. The husband regularly went partying his strained atmosphere in the house. Other women he is, with children and without property, were not particularly needed, so he always came back to me. I forgave, for the sake of the children.

Their homes we bought and lots of money was spent on removal and grandfather. Alice if they come, then only for one: to beg my grandfather part of his pension, galas on a shoestring financial position.

But this situation, with all its paucity, allowing Alice with her husband and children every year to go on vacation and sometimes to upgrade to family car.

5 years ago, my grandfather bequeathed to me. He said:

— You become my relatives than all my family combined. Grandson — rag, give the apartment of the mother or the sister. Better live there, your children are my grandchildren. You will have a kind of reward for labor. That is not cursed me then, that because of me your life has passed you by.

About the will, no one knew, no need: the less you know — better sleep.

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My grandfather when things got really bad, Alice with her mother intensified. They began to come to the father, to follow his health condition. They even offered their help to care for them, for the first time in years!

The grandfather of my husband was no fool and knew very well what they want with him. He graciously took priplyasyvaniya Alice around his person, winking at me.

I have some free time. You have no idea what it means to walk along the street alone without children or without a grandfather in a wheelchair. I enjoyed the freedom.

Grandfather held out very long. I was sincerely sorry for this lovely brave person.

The sharing out of the inheritance began almost immediately. Mother-in-law Alice started to attack my husband:

— You refuse from the apartment of his grandfather in favor of Alice. She lives there many years — this is her house. And my mom’s apartment then there you go. Only the failure to write — and you will, but then.

The husband believed the promises of the mother and agreed not to apply for housing. The mother-in-law promises to leave the apartment to his son, I didn’t take seriously: the mother of the husband, except for Alice and her children, no one else was interested.

I was in shock from her husband: his family lives on the removal and its nothing we have not expected, I am 10 years of his life caring for grandfather, he was not needed, and the apartment now they take out so positive?

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I admired the foresight of his grandfather. Went to a notary public and entered into the rights of inheritance. That evening the husband came home from work and started to pack.

— Where are you going? — I asked.

— I’m tired. From you, from children. Tired from his grandfather. I lived with you, if only you him go. I don’t want to pay for rental housing — now it’s your problem. I have got another woman. Good luck. he left mockingly waved goodbye.

“Good riddance” — I thought. And start preparing for the move and look for work.

A few days to my rented apartment rode the entire family of the husband. Including Alice’s husband and their children. They spluttering, yelling at me, interrupting each other. The loudest was my mother in law, she barked:

— Shut up! And you, listen here! First, you don’t get this apartment. I don’t know how you “cared” for my grandfather which tricked him to bequeath the apartment to you, but you don’t get it. We will prove that you’re a con artist. Second, you will disappear from my son’s life. He finally met a nice girl from a decent family, they have a child. So you, with your geeks, will disappear from the horizon. Do you understand? Once again, you are gifted: you give the apartment my daughter and leave my son!

-You know what I realized? I can afford to send you all far and long. Therefore: everybody to hell!

I closed the door, oblivious to the hubbub of this wonderful family. Children will live a normal life: I found a job, we have an apartment, thank you very much grandfather, husband will disappear from our lives and leave us alone already with their departures and returns. Everything will be fine, I’m sure.

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