“His wife ask. She’s definitely something stashed away for that day when you see the light and leave her”

«У жены своей попроси. Она точно что-нибудь припрятала на тот день, когда ты прозреешь и её бросишь»

Came of her husband’s sister, Anna, to visit. Well, got to beg for money.

Sitting with my son, no one touches the ninja turtles look. The doorbell rings, I hear the husband went to open. Bursts Anya with her daughter, no Hello, no goodbye, just with collisions:

— Che, she can not open? The man chased the poor. And so it is just you and running.

I wonder who else needs to work with my husband, if not his family? For Anya? And there was nothing her husband with his brother to change, and would be left alone with a child.

Sitting, watching a cartoon, the guests do not pay attention. Tortured I fight that with Anya, with her mother: a hundred times asked me to call before coming to us. No, they run hither and as a home not bothering with a warning. And what am I? I they’re not expecting, so not obliged to jump in and put aside all their Affairs.

Anya went to the kitchen, my husband and I some privacy. To complain about his heavy share of single mothers, Yes some money to beg for. And his daughter, Nadia, sent us with a warning:

Now your aunt and your brother will include any cartoons you want.

My son and I looked at each other. This preview was scheduled a few days ago. Son, I have decided to enlighten in terms of their interests. Nadia screamed:

— Likes about princesses watch! Turn!

Like her mother, honestly. We politely refused and invited them to join us. In response the little Princess stamped his feet and cried:

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— Likes about princesses! Want, want, want!

The squeal of his precious children popped up Anya:

— We come to you in guests! The objective of any host is to please the guests. Turn her what she asks for! Or give me your number!

The son, Google: who is the guest? — I asked the child.

5 seconds, mother. the son grabbed his phone. — — The visitor friendly visiting someone.

— Sorry, Anh, but the definition of “guest” you clearly do not fit. — I insisted with a shrug. — Give your daughter the phone, let him look at the princesses there.

— Here’s another, she’ll break it. — said the sister of her husband.

As usual — my possessions don’t mind.

From the kitchen came the husband:

— Anya, I’m sorry to take you will not work, the salary now received — not all listed.

And You thought Anne just cornered? Every month on the day of my husband’s salary, I have the honour to witness either her or my mother in law in our home.

— His wife ask, then. She how old is milking you, just something stashed away for that day when you see the light and throw it in. — Anya snorted.

— Mom and dad have a cow? Once you are milked. Then not a cow, and the bull! Aunt Anya, You are mistaken. — the son intervened the conversation. And why he needs to see the light, because the Pope is not blind?

— Anya, let’s not for children. And tell your daughter why dad left her. — I suggested.

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— Yes, brother. Did you bully the village to get married. She you water them every day that you don’t notice? — Anna started freaking out.

But I left:

I do not change, the clubs don’t hang around, the money is not begging — I’m still you fify city. Anya, you need to go. But then again fight. I husband cry and you again six months not a penny will see. Do it?

Gone and offended that money was not given. One hundred percent sure — and even his mother will call, call me shameless one. And will arrive the mother-in-law, like a kite, to our home for the honor desecrated her to stand up.

Had to keep quiet, that’s what my tongue pulled? But, on the other hand, she could be nicer to people, at whose expense it lives.

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