Ufologists have made a selection of the TOP 5 videos of UFO sightings on Earth

Ufologists have presented TOP 5 videos of UFO sightings on Earth, which included, in their opinion, the most vivid appearance of aliens on our planet.

It should be noted that this compilation of footage, which was obtained not only bystanders, but the NASA employees.

Ufologists claim that in the last few decades, the cases of visit to the Land of aliens. UFO’s have been spotted in different corners of our planet. According to experts, judging by the situation, the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are active in the study, collecting data on humanity.

Ufologists can’t come to a consensus about why is this data collection. Someone suggests that this is just an observation from the scientific targets necessary in order to obtain as much information as possible about the Earth and its inhabitants. Some people think that the aliens intend to conquer the Earth and collecting information now how to do it better.

In the presented video you can see the case of maximum convergence of the UFO with the plane. Just a few meters separated the two aircraft. Also the video shows a UFO visit new York. The aircraft in the form of a dish for a few seconds hung in the air, and then flew away, immediately gaining tremendous speed. It happened over the infamous towers of the world trade center.

Another visit from the UFO collection occurred over the sea. It can be clearly seen as an alien ship is hiding in the sea water with the appearance of the earth military aviation. Also in the top 5 got video of the UFO hiding in the cloud.

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Also on one of the videos of UFOs flying on a clear day over urban development.

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