The wife of the brother: “you’re in our house was no more, and handouts your we do not need!”

Жена брата: «Чтоб ноги твоей в нашем доме больше не было, и подачки твои нам не нужны!»

My name is Barbara, I’m 40 years old and I live in Moscow. In the capital I came to 18 years of age to enter. Over the years I took a winding path from the student-polomojki to Deputy Director of a large company.

From the hometown I left in spite of her mother — my brother was only 8 years old, and I had to stay with him in the role of a nanny, the mother has arranged his personal life. And I wanted an education, a good job and a big family. Unfortunately, the third item I was not lucky at first, don’t have the time, and then not met a suitable man.

About the family I never forgot — sent them money, sometimes came again in a couple of years at most. I fully paid for my brother’s wedding, Volodya. For a wedding I was invited but at the last moment, I had a scheduled business trip.

Volodya and his wife are to live with our mom, there and their first child was born. Brother with my mom persistently asked me to cross mother. On reflection, I came to the conclusion that it is a good idea. Any mother I will be, once their children no.

At the baptism, I arrived with gifts for the future godson: clothes, a certificate for a large sum to the children’s online store and a cross with a chain of precious yellow metal.

Christened, celebrated. The gifts were presented. I warmly said goodbye to him coming home all excited about my godson. I even got the idea: when the boy grows up to take him with me to Moscow. And I will, in his old age, and the boy education get. And his apartment, he will leave — no one else.

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Throwing this idea out of my head, with a promise to return to it after a couple of decades, and I flew home.

Unfortunately, the responsibilities of being a godmother, my wife and Volodya, Anastasia, knew differently. In my opinion, the godfather is more of a spiritual mentor. Of course, to give gifts and pamper — not forbidden, and make me happy.

But Anastasia thought that since I’m godmother, so bear these responsibilities for the child, like his parents. There were constant calls:

— Ary, hi. This Is Nastya. A little sick, you money on medication, you’re godmother.

— Cooking, we’re vaccinated for a fee will put them only 4 is necessary, but one we have already supplied, free of charge. It is so bad it moved so we’ll have to pay. Man up, you’re godmother.

— Virus, we have teeth climb, Volodya’s always at work. You could for a babysitter to throw some money, though I get enough sleep. You were, after all, the second mother of my son.

Similar calls were heard more and more often. At one year old godson didn’t invite me. Nastya called and said the child is sick. But at present he looked after some sort of super-duper-car-gurney, and asked me to bring her money for a gift.

Trudge to the sick child I did not — he was so bad, why would he want my germs? Taking with Nasty promise to call me as soon as the baby will be fine, I translated the voiced her amount.

The value of the gift I was a little confused, of course I don’t know much about baby products, but the amount donated could buy up half the store with toys.

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As You’ve probably guessed, the godson was not sick. The photos in social networks, I saw healthy, smiling baby covered in cake. A lot of guests, a children’s playroom, and a separate photo with a bunch of gifts.

Among them there was not one of wheeled machines. I felt very sad — I cheated, took the money, and even the baby gift is not bought. I decided not to give money to Anastasia. I will buy something that will fit. In the end, gift horse in the teeth do not look.

Following a call from the wife of Volodya came 3 weeks after the celebration of the year.

— Virus, to us a circus, only expensive tickets left. Wire me 10 Grand, okay? — Anastasia chirped into the phone.

— What are you, Nastya, what circus? The child was recently ill, so much so that even with no holiday left. Pity the child, because there the people of the darkness will be. And he still has the immunity after disease is weak. I then come him myself to the circus take, do not worry. — I first refused.

Anastasia was offended and hung up. After 10 minutes, I was called Volodya claims:

— What are you, godson!?

I told him exactly the same as that of his wife 10 minutes ago. What brother said to me:

— What disease are you? You’re birthday has not arrived, Nastya because you were invited.

That’s how it is. I didn’t go. I voiced brother the amount sent over the past year, Nastina card. The brother fell silent. I grinned, presenting there as he has no jaw.

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— Ary, I’ll get back to you. — Volodya hung up.

Yes, apparently we are not going with Nastya and friends. She lied to me and my husband. Now Volodya will all Express her, they quarrel, and guess who will be guilty? That’s right — my fault.

— Why do you climb in our lives? Who asked you?You’re in our house was no more, and handouts I don’t need yours! — Anastasia screamed into the phone, after a quarrel with her husband.

And what do I do now? To godson I attached, and she forbade me to see him. Although, in fact, I didn’t do nothing — I’m not forced Anastasia to lie.

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