— Son, take his wife’s money and give it to me

— Сын, отбери у жены деньги и отдай мне

Don’t know how to explain her husband’s family that we don’t need. Keep sending us your stuff, bags whole.

Well — baby, baby no matter what to wear is pink or blue. But among children’s things, the most since the childhood of my husband. All with a smell that diverges from old age. And mother-in-law Lucy, a sister of her husband, with the kind benefactors still dragging and dragging us bags.

— Humanitarian assistance to the young family, Gee-Gee-Gee. — laughs Lucy.

Women’s stuff in the “help” — just horror. I have 42 size of clothes, svekrovi 54, and her daughter 48. And they believe that they are, worn to holes, dresses and suits “is sit on my body”. Yes, I even measure like do not want! The feeling that I bought and wore without removing or washing, and then — in a bag, and my “gift”.

I’m not kidding. Bags with used-shnym the stuff they tell us more and give for the holidays. A gift in order Curling irons, crock pots-grinder-money, and the answer is: get the bride a bag of junk. Husband was lucky — he did nothing. Mother-in-law and says:

— Oh, suddenly can not guess with a gift. You are your own, buy something, and then I have the money, say how much.

Husband happened only once — bought mats in the car and with the check came.

— I do not have now, then give.

“Then give” lasts for six years.

Somehow I lost my nerve, and I have collected among your things that you no longer wear. Put in a bag and gave Lucy a birthday. And, you know, what was the reaction?

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— Get out of our house, dragged some junk, and even small. And this is the gratitude that my mother and I have contains? — almost crying sister, her husband.

About how! It turns out to contain us. Or I misheard, and it said my mother you fools been?

The insult to my sister’s husband, it was possible to wash only the certificate to a SPA.

— You’re lucky I’m forgiving. Buy a certificate — and no offense. — fun chirp Lucy.

Next, after Losinogo was my birthday. Relatives of my husband, I was not invited, they came. My mother is slack-jawed staring at the bag. When I told her about the handouts in-law, I don’t really believe, thought that I was exaggerating.

— Here we are! Look what we brought you and rejoice! Clothes you have for 5 years, carry — not to carry. — cheerfully said the mother, pulling the bag into the room. Seeing my mom, she added — And money, she’ll buy something.

Solemnly she pulled from her purse a bill of five thousand rubles. I didn’t want to take. Know that it is not without reason, as the second reason. My tight-fisted mother-in-law gave the same amount? Yes it would, the toad ate.

And then I think, give — take. Grabbing a red piece of paper. Husband pleasantly surprised by the generosity Mamani, splashed her champagne. Sister, her husband sat at the table, tentatively bringing a large mug from the kitchen. Mom whispered to me:

And after all, you’re exaggerating.

— No, mom. All the fun starts after you leave. You’re dust in the eyes of this bill allowed. Feel will be fun. — I sighed.

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Champagne and salads over the cake had been eaten. My mom went home. Zasobiralis and mother-in-law Lucy. Difficult conversation to return the five thousand began Lucy:

— Mom, it’s not calculated a bit, you have to return the money.

I don’t know why, but I snapped. I flatly refused to return the money. Gave them to me? Presented. They mine? My. Mother-in-law wanted to show their generosity in front of my mom? Showed. I here at what?

— And You know that gift taken away?

— Darling, of course I know. I’m confused. Wanted to give bill in 1000 rubles, but got this. — arrogantly said mother-in-law.

Yes, a thousand she wanted to give. There, in the wallet, nothing more was but five thousand. Their money I decided to defend to the end.

— Son, take his wife’s money and give it to me.

— Mom, how can I take from his wife the gift of my mom? It will be very ugly. smiled the husband.

— You conspiring? You are greedy people willing to Rob the poor single women. — mother-in-law almost cried.

Okay, I’ll get the money back. I said.

Mother-in-law perked up, smiled and held out his hand.

Only immediately after that we will drive to your house and I, in turn, takes all the gifts that my husband gave You. Is? — I really thought it would be fair.

Mother-in-law Lucy and thought feverishly, what is better: to 5 thousand now and lose almost all home appliances in the house or release to the world this unfortunate paper.

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Having made the decision, they began to go home. And, Oh, what joy, the bag they took with them and said, that we do not help and not a penny will!

My bliss knew no bounds. Honestly, it was the best holiday in the last few years.

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