Sister husband: “What a tortured conscience, about us remember?”

Сестра мужа: «Что, совесть замучила, про нас вспомнили?»

I normally earn, my husband is also a good salary, and I didn’t mind his help my mom and sister. They seemed nice, well-mannered women.

The agreement my husband with them was this: as soon as I get pregnant, help stop. I decree the income will be reduced, and the cost of a child will appear. They agreed that it would be correct.

My husband and I live in apartment with my parents, and mom and dad went to a house in the suburbs. We paid communal and sometimes we take my parents food or household stuff. From more they refuse: once we tried to give them money, but dad was very offended:

— You are young, you need to. We have everything. Tie with such nonsense. Must be something — do you ask.

That’s how we lived. Over time, the husband’s mother wanted more and more. About such as it is, say, give a finger — arm to the elbow bite. The appetite of her husband’s sisters, and without that not small, also grew.

Increasingly, the husband began to deny his family to unwarranted requests, like a new phone, nail Polish, clothes, repair the second time this year. After all, it was about helping, not about to squander opportunities at our expense.

Increasingly in-law and daughter began to be rude to me and Express their displeasure at the fact that I climb not in the business:

Your husband promised us! And once promised, then they should! What the hell are you interfering?

My words about the fact that the decision on funding is taken by the husband, not me, they are not heard. Rushed conversations about the well-known cuckoo.

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— The toad smothers you, and that I forbid the son to give money. This is just another way of saying a night cuckoo day percocet. We’ll see who wins — hissed angrily mother-in-law in a tube.

Then in came my family grief: mom got sick. Needed money for treatment. Husband sold his car, and my dad’s country house. Well, my mother was not running and it is, by and large, lightly.

We began to live together with my parents. After discussing with her husband the situation, we suggested parents to buy them another house to continue living separately. Do not think that we brazenly evicted my mom and dad from their apartment.

No, on the contrary, they dreamed to live in the fresh air and gladly agreed with our offer. We began to work more and save for a house.

Accordingly, neither of which assistance mother-in-law and sister of the husband of more speech did not go.

We bought a cake and some Goodies and went to tell the bad news her husband’s family.

— What a tortured conscience, about us remember? Decided to honor us with his presence in our have not repaired the shed? — smiled sister, her husband saw us at the door. — All right, mother, I left. That will leave — don’t spend it all, leave some for me! While!

In my opinion, repairing them is quite decent. Only dirty.

— Come on, son, let me tell you what we need. — mother-in-law kindly took my husband by the arm and dragged me to the kitchen.

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The husband did not pull and as soon as we sat down at the table, at once intimidated his mother:

— Mother, so the circumstances: no money for you I have no more.

Mother-in-law’s face changed, but immediately took himself in hand:

Getting pregnant still? Did you know that it’s not your child? I’ve seen your wife a couple of months ago in an embrace with a man. Were kissing right in the street, shameless. Didn’t want to upset you — from and silent. And I can’t stand anymore can’t my heart mother son cheat. It’s not your child, not our blood.

Husband, knowing his mother immediately knew she was lying. Her money to lose do not want.

— No, mother, not pregnant. We’ll save up for a house for my wife’s parents. We gave them the house — we leave the apartment. You’re aware of the situation with my mother-in-law, you know.

Briefly and censorship, the reaction of the mother-in-law was as follows:

— Strangers house he is buying, and his mother nothing! I can also house you want! I am your mother! First I house buy!

— Calm down! I can buy a house for you. You and your sister to move in, the apartment will give us, okay? And the wife’s parents his apartment to the house then changed. You can do all I care. The main thing that we with the wife lived separately. suggested the father-in-law her son.

— Your wife my apartment? Yes no life! And the house you buy me! Or you are no longer my son.

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Realizing that arguing with her is useless, we left. After this conversation, the rest of husband’s relatives call him and say: why does he want to survive his own mother out of the house and not whether he be ashamed? Here and help people after that.

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