— She gets pregnant, gives birth and you’re out. — Sears in-law to my husband

— Она забеременеет, родит и тебя выгонит. — шептала свекровь моему мужу

When my husband and I were first married, we lived with his mom. With a very powerful woman who considers herself intelligent and wise. A few months of cohabitation, I’ve suffered, dragged her husband to eat, ignoring his objections about the economy. After all, to save the nerves — much more important than saving money.

To pay for someone else’s apartment was hurt. We sat down, and thought, and decided to take out a mortgage. But then we just weaned and got a job, experience at work we were very scanty.

We decided to wait another year or two, and during that time save up for a down payment. To more to be postponed, we moved to a room on the outskirts. Let share a room, but much cheaper.

We took food with them to work from home. Rode bicycles instead of public transport. Threw all expensive habits. In the evenings, after the main work, I washed the entrances to the surrounding houses, and the husband moonlighted as a foot courier.

At the same time, we stoically fought off attempts to in-laws “permanently borrow” from the money we saved.

The room we stayed, as planned, for 2 years. And we were lucky: the room needed some money, and she sold the room much below the market price.

Gutted stash of money on the mortgage, we ran to relatives, acquaintances in search of a small shortfall. And after 2 weeks we became happy owners of a private 15 square meters in a one bedroom apartment.

Why we decided to buy it? It was a kind of “immutable amount”: you never know, without work will remain, or property prices will soar. And so no matter what your angle we have. And then, after 4 years, for the purchase of an apartment, we had to sell this room. Let me remind you, we bought it cheaper than it cost.

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Finally, four months ago, we turned up a very successful, low-cost apartment in which lived a lone drinker man. He became ill and his relatives took away, and the apartment was put up for sale.

With the help of a competent realtor, we have tried to secure a deal from all sides. The apartment was in a terrible state — awful smell from the living cats, the need to change wiring and make repairs.

And the apartment is not in the best location — 15 minutes by car to the city. She was only 2 advantages — the price and 2 rooms, with an eye on the children.

Making inexpensive repairs on their hands, we decided to throw a party — a housewarming party. We invited my mom, my husband, my brother and his wife and the mother of the husband. Although, I clearly would have done without her presence.

Mom us very happy:

— What you done! Themselves without banks, bought an apartment. Well, let that far, but your. Now think about the grandchildren you already 30, it’s time.

Mother-in-law, at the mention of grandchildren grimaced, as if lemon is eaten. It is in no way interested our future children. Most mother-in-law was interested in this: who decorated the apartment.

It took my husband into the kitchen and began to whisper to him that he should “fake” to give her the apartment below me, in the case of divorce, left with the nose:

— She gets pregnant, gives birth and you’re out. And you on the street will remain! And she’s in your apartment with the child, not the fact that your!

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Husband such a proposal was outraged:

— Mother, my wife worked along with me. She doesn’t have a dress! It all to the last penny, I put it off! And do you think that I’m able to drive on the street his wife and child? Are not you ashamed?

The husband replied to his mother in a rather raised voice, so I perfectly understood. That day was not only a housewarming party. It was then, in the circle of close relatives, I planned to tell her husband about her pregnancy.

And to put it off because mother-in-law, I did not. When they returned from the kitchen and sat at the table, I stood up and said a toast:

— Native. We’ve been through a difficult path of its housing. You’ve always been a faithful ally to fight with difficulties. Now I suggest you get another hard way — the way of the father!

Silly, of course, but then to me this speech was a surprise.

Joyful husband lifted me in his arms and began to circle the room, the mother and brother pounced on us with congratulations. Only one mother-in-law threw the fork on the plate, stood up and said:

— And what will prove that the child my son?

— I swear to my mother? I bet? Honestly? What kind of proof do You need?- I got nasty mother-in-law.

— Mom, stop it! Apologize immediately. — asked for my husband from his mother.

— Here’s another! Like I told you — so be it. Bear is not clear from whom and they kick you out. For a moment more here will remain: don’t want to look like my son like an idiot.

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She left. It is a strange man should be glad that her baby was okay, and she’s only bile comes, sharing the possessions of others. Stop ringing — and thanks for that.

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