Scientists named the most dangerous for health product

Scientists have named the product that has most dangerous effect on the human body.

According to researchers, the most dangerous for human health product popular diet sodas marked “0% sugar”.

Scientists say that even one drunk a bottle of this drink increases the risk of developing diseases such as stroke and dementia.

What we are talking about all carbonated beverages that do not contain sugar.

“We know that limiting the amount of sugar is a great strategy proper nutrition and weight loss”, – says the head of the Committee of the American heart Association and Professor of nutrition Dr. Rachel Johnson.
While Johnson noted that today scientists know little about the sweetener and its effects on the human body.

The Professor adds that consumers need to be careful to drinks that contain sugar substitutes.

As noted by the researcher, soda without sugar is better to replace with plain water or any other beverage that contains no artificial sweeteners.

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