Scientists have found a way to save the life of the African lions

Ученые нашли способ сохранить жизнь африканским львам

In order to keep the population of the “king of beasts”, you need to provide them a space separate from the people.

The experts found an effective way to protect from the extinction of a whole population of African lions. It is reported that it is necessary to consider the location of the territories for the education of special corridors.

Scientists said the reasons for the reduction in the number of lions in the African region, among which the rapid population growth of Africa, which has a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. Has it affected the fact that the lions were on the verge of extinction, and also became the reason to investigate the possibility of preserving the population of the “king of beasts”.

Experts believe that the best way out of this situation – the creation of corridors. Special sections of the predators can move and hunt, while not disturbing people, and that means not putting your own life at risk. To create corridors, it is necessary to calculate the part of the territories that will take animals, and also the one that will house the local population.

Ученые нашли способ сохранить жизнь африканским львам

Photo: Public Domain

Now more than 30% of the reserves fall under the human impact that affects the natural world and ecology. The corridors will help to maintain the usual African lions rhythm of life.

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