Asteroid Omwamwi has developed a tremendous speed

The scientists said that the asteroid Omwamwi started to gain a huge speed.

Asteroid Oumayma is now within Solenoi system. Astronomers can’t yet explain the reasons for this strange phenomenon.

According to the researchers, it is possible, the speed of the asteroid Omoumi began to pick up under the influence of gravity, which comes from the stars, planets and the Sun.

But while scientists do not have data that would allow them to make accurate conclusions about what was the reason that Omoumi began to pick up speed. Was created a special center, where you are watching this asteroid.

The most likely explanation of the acceleration of the astroid is that it heats up under the influence of solar radiation, and this triggers the secretion from its surface substances. This process, scientists believe, could trigger the acceleration of the asteroid. As of June 1, 2018, the speed of the asteroid Oumayma was about 114,000 miles per hour.

In their study, researchers start from the data that they collect and Observatory in the observatories in Chile and Hawaii.
Experts remind that the asteroid Oumayma almost destroyed the Earth. It was fixed the maximum rapprochement with our planet. Now scientists are trying to figure out what trajectory will continue to move the asteroid and not whether it carries threat to Earth.

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