On the “dark” side of the moon found a mysterious structure

На «темной» стороне Луны обнаружили таинственное сооружение

Side of the moon has always attracted scholars and fans of conspiracy theories. About the “dark” side, a lot of rumors and legends. Finally, the researchers were able not only to look at the other side of the satellite, but also to know what it hides.

So, on the back side of the moon was discovered great pyramid, transmit Vistanews.ru. The building has been incredible by earthly standards and excites in equal measure as ufologists and the staff of space Agency NASA.

One of the UFO enthusiasts Scott Waring, by studying the images of the planet, came to the conclusion that one of the craters of the moon is a huge pyramid of bright white. Waring also suggested that the object is man-made.

Depression has long been known to scientists. It is located on the South side of the moon, and its diameter is about 180 kilometers. To see it from Earth is not possible. Found pyramid is located near the foot of the mountains of the lunar crater.

According to space researchers, the pyramid was built by aliens about a million years ago. They built it in place of the fallen asteroid.

Other professionals will find it difficult to confirm the version of Waring. Note, however, that directly the astronauts themselves do not deny, and I believe that extraterrestrial life is still there.

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