Fell into the ocean a fragment of an unknown planet or alien ship

Independent researchers reported a drop in the ocean of the unknown object. Celestial body, called official sources the meteorite landed near the coast of the United States. Currently, the underwater search for the remnants of the space object involved NASA employees, but the information about the UFOs and the promotion searches the American space Agency keeps secret.

And yet ufologists, after studying numerous photographs of the incident made by the witnesses, put forward the theory that has fallen into the ocean, the object can be a “starship” aliens or chip on some planet.

The author of the YouTube channel “secureteam10” has gathered the numerous photographs of witnesses who observed the falling of the mysterious “meteorite” and are mounted video. 12-minute video shows viewers that a fallen celestial body different from a regular asteroid.

According to the author of the video confirmed his suspicions and satellite recordings made in the thermal and UV spectra. They prove that the surface of a fallen space object was hot enough before entering the earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the meeting recalled that small asteroids almost never reach the surface of our planet, as burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Everything indicates that this celestial body is not quite normal. It could be a fragment of a large cosmic body — the planet and the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization, which crashed on approach to Land.

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