The Prosecutor’s dacha, alcohol, beating women: how to actually died the famous player of KVN

Прокурорская дача, алкоголь, избиение женщины: как на самом деле погиб знаменитый игрок КВН

The strange death of 33-year-old player of KVN, member of the team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov from North Ossetia acquires new details

On the death of the star of the team “Pyramid” it became known on Wednesday morning. This is a social network said the Director of KVN League Alania Soslan Pliev. Later, on the website of the UK Vladikavkaz have appeared that upon the death of Alborova is checked. The investigators reported the specifics: the body of Aslan found July 4 in the early morning in the cottage at the recreation center. Base, located in Irafskiy district, called “the Threshold of heaven”.

Residents of the neighboring village told me what really happened with Aslan by Alborov: “it All happened in the country of a former senior official, a former Prosecutor Anatoly Dzidzoev, — said a local resident. — The cottage rested Alborov niece Dzidzoev. The girl was not his wife. Just a friend. They drank. I had a fight. According to rumors, he went ballistic, beat her. Then ran outside. After some time she married him. And his body was discovered near the garages“.

Прокурорская дача, алкоголь, избиение женщины: как на самом деле погиб знаменитый игрок КВН

The inner circle of Aslan Alborov, of course, aware of the situation. But they are also asked not to discuss the details of the tragedy.

“Theories about the death of our friend a lot, but not say anything specific. Like heart might fail, says a friend of the deceased.- In General, the problems of Aslan was not. Successful guy. Worked on TV, conducting the show. To earn decent. It all Vladikavkaz knew. People greeted him on the street, past him, no one went to.”

Comrades also suggest that death Alborova could wear violent.

Прокурорская дача, алкоголь, избиение женщины: как на самом деле погиб знаменитый игрок КВН

In social networks colleagues of the dead have posted a short interview Alborova. Here is what he said about himself.

“On character: “Character is complex, not everyone will be able to cope with it”

Favorite writer: “I’m not really a reader”.

A valuable quality in a woman: “Sincerity in everything and everywhere. But it’s too hard to find.”

Where and when was most happy: “I Think the happiest time is yet to come”.

Goal: “A Lot. They all lead to the carefree and happy life.”

The main achievement: “the Son whom I have not yet.”

Recall, as passed Politeka, Aslan Alborov died on 34-m to year of life on the basis of rest near Vladikavkaz. In the near surroundings sound like Alborov committed suicide. “Aslan committed suicide in the night of 4 July. We do not yet know the reasons,” – said close to the artist.

Alborova was 33. Since 2004 he played for the team “Pyramid” (the national team of North Ossetia-Alania). Until 2008, the team participated in the Highest League of KVN, and in 2010 ceased to exist.

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