Ukrainian Mikhailyuk became his in Lakers: photo

Украинец Михайлюк стал своим в Лейкерс: фото

Attacking defender Lakers Svyatoslav Mikhailuk shared his emotions from the first exercise of his new team before the start of the Summer League NBA

Reported Know.Sport.

“First training session with the Lakers was successful. I met with all the players on the team and established communication, I felt my roll. I think it went quite well.

Each player in the transition to a new team, especially at the level of the NBA, faced with something unusual. I believe that we need to work hard and then we will have a great relationship with teammates. The most important thing for our team is to win matches. We all want to win as often as possible. At the first training session was a lot of learning, laid the basic foundations of the game.

We were taught how to play defense and offense. Much time was devoted to the training schemes of the game. I would say that we can do much more than just throw the ball. I can show many other aspects.

Last year the Lakers won the NBA Summer League. Now the main goal is to win it again. We will do our best for this”, — said Mikhailyuk.

Украинец Михайлюк стал своим в Лейкерс: фото

Yet another Ukrainian selected in the NBA draft

In Brooklyn hosted the 2018 NBA draft, where Washington chose Ukrainian basketball player Yssouf of Sanona under 44-m number.

Sanon is a graduate of the Dnieper, and recently defended played for Slovenian Olympia.

Украинец Михайлюк стал своим в Лейкерс: фото

The legendary Ukrainian will train a new NBA team

The former center of a number of NBA clubs Ukrainian Vitaly Potapenko will work in the Memphis Grizzlies, according to an insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

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Prior to that, Potapenko, since 2013 worked at the headquarters of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the positions of coach development of players. 43-year-old Ukrainian specialist will join the coaching staff of coach of the Memphis Grizzlies JB Bickerstaff.

Potapenko began his coaching career in 2009 and has never led the team. He previously served on the coaching staff of the Indiana Pacers, as well as a number of League clubs development.

Украинец Михайлюк стал своим в Лейкерс: фото

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