The Internet has got a list of what needs to be able to little Princess Charlotte

Many people brought up in children’s stories and fairy tale movies and cartoons, sure somehow that life in the Royal family is a fairy tale. Fans of the British Royal family around the world have repeatedly spoken out on the subject of how they would like themselves to be well received in Kensington Palace. However, many don’t realize how hard the lives of the British monarchs, constrained rules and limits of the Royal etiquette, produced by centuries. Moreover, they live here and so since childhood. Let’s consider a specific example – baby Princess Charlotte.

This adorable little girl just three years old. Despite this, it has already grandly and ceremoniously behaves in front of strangers and happily smiling into the lenses of the paparazzi. In your age, in addition to a brilliant English language, Charlotte has learned Spanish from her nanny – native Spanish. It deals with it almost daily. But after a year or two the girl will begin to teach the French language. All in the Royal family are required to be polyglots!

Among other things, Charlotte has the right to the following, seemingly innocuous things:

1. The presence at the same table with older members of the British Royal family. This is because during a family dinner, all are required to adhere strictly to the rules of etiquette, and small talk on abstract themes. Based on the fact that as long as Charlotte can neither the one nor the other, to make it for your family’s table nothing.

2. To wear flower girl dresses. Simple dresses for protruding. The female child of the Royal family is obliged to wear a special dress with a special collar, on which is embroidered the emblem of monarchical house. To break this rule is prohibited.

В Интернет попал список того, что должна уметь маленькая принцесса Шарлотта

3. Wearing this hairstyle, what she wants. The girl is obliged in particular to braid the hair and be sure to weave them into a big white bow. This, again, Protocol etiquette for young princesses.

4. Shoe sandals, sandals, running barefoot et cetera. Charlotte can’t. Shoes and only shoes, simple and classic. Alone with a girl maybe even nothing at all to wear, but in public definitely need to appear in neat expensive shoes.

В Интернет попал список того, что должна уметь маленькая принцесса Шарлотта

5. To wear colorful clothes. It is now also prohibited: the entire Royal family should wear mostly plain clothes. There is an unwritten rule: choose the color of things in accordance with the color of the outfit of the Queen or, in the extreme case, Duchess of Cambridge.

6. Wearing tiaras and tiaras. I doubt that baby Charlotte even knows what it is, because she is still so small. However, if she finds out and wants to wear a tiara or a tiara, then she has nothing. According to the rules of etiquette, these ornaments are worn only by married women, and the Princess that well, until quite early to get married. 🙂

В Интернет попал список того, что должна уметь маленькая принцесса Шарлотта

7. To hunch, slouch and keep your back in any position but straight. This is one of the most important external manifestations of a member of the Royal family: his impeccable posture. Charlotte while quite young, but she needs to learn to keep the back perfectly straight.

8. To greet the Queen and other adult family members outside of the Protocol. According to the rules of, little Princess when the Queen or anyone else is obliged to make a nod, and then modestly pothupitiya. Otherwise – no.

В Интернет попал список того, что должна уметь маленькая принцесса Шарлотта

These rules – is not a complete list of restrictions and standards that need to learn a little Charlotte. But the girl only three years! Yeah, after this a desire to become a member of the Royal family is slightly reduced! 🙂

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