In China, the Panda gave birth to cubs-the twins

2 July in the Center for the study of animals in the village Chengdu China Panda gave birth to different sexes of the cubs-twins: female weight 117,2 grams and the male – 140,8 grams. They were born at intervals of 23 minutes.

В Китае панда родила детенышей-близнецов

Information about this is spreading the news Agency “Xinhua”. For Chengdu is already the second case when the Panda gives birth to cubs this year. In June, a female named I Yun gave birth to two kids. Since the beginning of this year in China were born nine pandas. These animals are revered in China. At the state level to support a program to increase the number of bamboo bears. The Panda is an endangered animal. In Beijing trying to save her, but while man’s efforts remain fruitless.

Significant growth in the population of this animal to achieve does not work. The giant Panda is not only a symbol of China. The picture bamboo bear can be seen on the emblem of the world wildlife Fund.

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