In Nikolaev in the trash found the remains of people (photo)

В Николаеве среди мусора нашли останки людей (фото)

Photo: from Facebook

In Nikolaev on the Ternovsky cemetery while cleaning illegal dumps employees of the municipal enterprise “Nikolaev ritual service” found human remains.

This was reported by the funeral Director of the enterprise Mikhail Trofanyuk on the page in Fasebook.

“In the process of liquidation of the garbage dam on the Ternovsky cemetery has been found, not only the Cossack cross”, – he said.

В Николаеве среди мусора нашли останки людей (фото)

At the same time, the organization reported that the found remains will be “properly” buried.

“Employees of KP “Nikolaev ritual service” decided not to do the output in the process of cleaning the cemetery in Ternovka from the trash heap, which has for many years freely felt in the heart. Released area would be about 100 square meters. After checking for the presence of burials, we can talk about the suitability of this area for new burials of deceased local residents. Until then, the staff of CE will hold a human burial was found in this pile of human remains,” reads the organization’s website.

And in the U.S. was a more terrible case – there the city was covered with human remains due to a failure of the work in the crematorium.

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