In the United States were videotaped walking starfish

In the United States on one of the shores of Florida, the locals took a unique phenomenon – a walking starfish.

According to the publication The Daily Mail, a similar phenomenon, though common, but it’s very rare.

In the video, which appeared online, you can see how the sea star moves towards the ocean during low tide.

As the newspaper notes, video footage is indeed quite rare, since sea stars move with currents.

However, there’s a moment when their throws to the shore and the starfish must immediately return to the ocean. Then they use small suction cups on the back to quickly “walk” to the ocean.

This rare moment and got into the camera lens of eyewitnesses in Florida.

It is worth noting that when walking, the sea star can reach the speed of 50 millimeters per second.

For invertebrates it fast enough. However, far from the water of the sea star can not move, as must constantly remain wet.

Therefore, this method of moving these invertebrates are mainly used to return back to the ocean, when the current throws them out of the water.

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