The DPRK decided to “cheat” trump: what really will happen with nuclear weapons

В КНДР решились на «обман» Трампа: что на самом деле будет с ядерным оружием

The North Korean leadership decided to emergency steps in relation to his only scientific-research center on nuclear weapons

This is reported by American journalists.

“North Korea “rapidly” improving your the only nuclear research center at Yongbyon, despite reaching agreement on the denuclearization of the following meeting. This conclusion follows from satellite pictures obtained by observers in North Korea. Analysts say that the infrastructure of the nuclear research center in Yongbyon is improving rapidly,” — said in the message.

В КНДР решились на «обман» Трампа: что на самом деле будет с ядерным оружием

The big reunion: the DPRK and South Korea reached a historic decision
In the world

Moreover, officials of the DPRK continue to work at the factory, which is engaged in uranium enrichment. Also recorded the construction of several new facilities, among them engineering Department and the access roads to the place where is located the reactor.

В КНДР решились на «обман» Трампа: что на самом деле будет с ядерным оружием

We will remind, the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN continues to negotiate with world leaders. Reporters learned that Kim Jong-UN arrived in Beijing. In the Internet appeared the video, which spotted the motorcade of the leader of the DPRK, riding on the streets of the Chinese capital.

According to media reports, on Tuesday, June 19, in Beijing also flew the plane with high-ranking North Korean officials on Board. It is reported that Kim Jong-UN arrived on a private plane and headed to the state residence of Diaoyutai in the city centre.

В КНДР решились на «обман» Трампа: что на самом деле будет с ядерным оружием

As he wrote Politeka, the US President, Donald trump has decided to extend the sanctions against North Korea for another year. This was announced on the afternoon of 22 June, the press service of the White house. We are talking about restrictive measures, most of which were introduced during the reign of the predecessor of trump, Barack Obama, and the document, signed by the current President of the United States.

Most of these sanctions or otherwise restrict the possibility of using some of the assets of the DPRK. The duration of the sanctions came to an end June 26, but the American leader has decided that it should be extended due to the persistence of “state of emergency with regard to North Korea.”

Trump believes that the political regime of the DPRK continues to pose an “extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and the U.S. economy.” In addition, the American President, despite claims of Pyongyang, North Korea remains a “proliferation risk” nuclear materials.

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