A Pro-Russian government issued Saakashvili, the new sentence sounded ridiculous accusations

Пророссийская власть вынесла Саакашвили новый приговор: озвучены нелепые обвинения

The former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili sounded ridiculous charges in the alleged beating of one of former parliamentarians

This is reported by Russian journalists.

So, the attack on ex-MP Gelashvili allegedly occurred in the summer of 2005 after publishing articles critical of Saakashvili. After that, deputies allegedly beat special forces soldiers.

Пророссийская власть вынесла Саакашвили новый приговор: озвучены нелепые обвинения

In the capital detained a supporter of Mikheil Saakashvili, pulled the security forces with water cannons
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Moreover, the investigation reported that the organizer and the customer was allegedly Saakashvili himself. Given these absurd charges, the court sentenced him to six years imprisonment in absentia.

Пророссийская власть вынесла Саакашвили новый приговор: озвучены нелепые обвинения

We will remind, the former President of Georgia and the Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili has proposed the creation of a fundamentally new tool for government. About his revolutionary idea said in a video posted on his page in Facebook. He stated that the system of control of Georgia should be reformed by creating a new “Georgian model of direct popular democracy”.

Saakashvili drew attention to the fact that a third of Georgia’s population (1.2 million people) have accounts in social networks. The politician believes that this method of communication is the future and proposes to use it to control the country.

“If we can communicate with each other in this space, why not be able to make political decisions?”, — he asks.

Saakashvili believes that he will be able to create a system by which the citizens of Georgia would be able to directly influence the work of Parliament, including the offer, to withdraw and to support any bill.

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Пророссийская власть вынесла Саакашвили новый приговор: озвучены нелепые обвинения

As he wrote Politeka, the former President of Georgia, ex-Governor of the Odesa region, the party leader “movement novih forces,” Mikheil Saakashvili intends to sue in the European court concerning deprivation of citizenship, but also ready to return to Ukraine to protect human rights. This statement he made on may 29 during a press conference in the Hague.

Video of the event policies published in the social network. Note, during his stay in Europe, Saakashvili lost a lot of weight. Interestingly, at a press conference the leader of the party “movement novih forces” wearing a bracelet “Shambala”, which, apparently, protects him and brings good luck.

A prominent politician declared that carries on negotiations with the Dutch deputies about the introduction of personal sanctions against President Petro Poroshenko, first Deputy Chairman of the faction “BPP” Igor Kononenko, people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

Prodovzhennja translat z Haypress conference in GaAs s Professor Ger Robertson, seswg Domem a lawyer, that giving sviy the conclusion of stosovno porsenna Poroshenko rights lyudin in situat s pozbavlennya mene gromadyanska. Ger Robertson svogo hour basudev Pinochet, and now vsasa for Poroshenko.—Press conference in the Hague with Professor Geoffrey Robertson, an internationally known lawyer, who gave his opinion about the violation Poroshenko human rights in a situation of depriving me of citizenship. Geoffrey Robertson at the time, condemned Pinochet, and now took Poroshenko.

Gepostet von Mikheil Saakashvili am Dienstag, 29. Mai 2018

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