My friends: Anastasia sang with the workers

"Мои друзья": Анастасия Волочкова спелась с гастарбайтерами

Anastasia Volochkova once again shocked the audience. find out the details.

Ballerina posted on his blog a photo where it is embodied in the society of Tajiks. Two of them recognized immediately is a servant Volochkova. But the rest remain unidentified.

“Friendly evening”, wrote Anastasia, posting a hashtag “my friends”.

As it turned out, the January evening star whiled away in society not only Tajiks, but also her current lover Michael. The reporters found that the boyfriend of the ballerina – a common geek, before meeting with Volochkova tortured happiness on a Dating site. In your profile Mike pointed out that he likes to drink. And the woman he needs only for regular sex. I hope that Nastya thanks to this need, Michael will disappear. By the way, very nasty lowdown admirer did not bother. She already said that she loves men, not paying attention to the size of their wallet.

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