The European Union creates a joint troops after the main objective

Евросоюз создает совместные войска: названа главная цель

To work together to confront threats in Europe, nine countries in the region have created a European military response

The agreement on the creation of new forces was signed by the defense Ministers of the nine member countries of the European Union, including the UK. The main goal of the initiative is to learn the armies of the countries to act together.

A European military response will be focused on the rapid deployment of troops in crisis situations near the borders of Europe.

Now the group of countries included Germany, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Spain and Portugal.

Евросоюз создает совместные войска: названа главная цель

“Objective: our armed forces are learning, getting to know each other and work together. Thanks to the exchanges between personnel and joint exercises, we will create a European strategic culture. We will be ready predvideti crisis and to quickly and effectively react to it” — said the Minister of defence of France, Florence Parlee.

Only the signed agreement has some differences from the PESCO. This European defense act, which covers all EU countries, except UK, Malta and Denmark.

“The UK was very interested in the signing of an agreement to maintain cooperation with Europe outside of bilateral relations”, — said parley.

Recall that the G7 leaders at the summit in Quebec in Canada decided to strike another blow to Russia. The summit agreed on the creation of a special rapid response units to counter enemy actions and propaganda emanating from countries such as Russia.

Евросоюз создает совместные войска: названа главная цель

The initiator of such innovation became Prime Minister Theresa may, who recalled the recent poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and multiple Russian cyber attacks.

“We need to remind ourselves why the G8 has become G7 — it was because Russia illegally annexed Crimea. We have seen malicious activity from Russia in various ways, including those that have been on the street in Salisbury in the UK,” said may.

One of the objectives of the new measures is a better understanding of the policies of the partner countries and the thresholds for decision-making. The initiative also provides for the exchange of information about potential threats and ways to combat them.

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