The ambulance and the police just stand by, on duty at the bottom: what happens on the roof of a skyscraper in Kiev

"Скорые" и полиция напоготове, дежурят внизу: что происходит на крыше киевской высотки

In Kiev, Troyeshchyna residential area, two young men climbed the roof of an apartment building and want to jump down

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As it became known, the incident occurs on the prospect of Mayakovsky, 15.

"Скорые" и полиция напоготове, дежурят внизу: что происходит на крыше киевской высотки

It is reported that on the roof there is a girl and a guy.

The emergency ambulance came and the police. Other details of incident while are unknown.

We will note, as has also been reported that the service “Kiev 911,” the teen took off from the roof. Now they are in the carriage “ambulance”.

It turned out that the girl’s name is Lisa. The reason she wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of flats — unrequited love.

As he wrote Politeka, in the Obolon district of Kiev in one of the restaurants, the restaurant’s owner with a pistol shot the three men.

According to preliminary information from law enforcement, a company of several men and women rested in the restaurant. At some point there was a conflict between travelers and the owner, why the shooting started. 60-year-old owner said that customers insulted him personally in the presence of his daughter, who also works at the restaurant.

"Скорые" и полиция напоготове, дежурят внизу: что происходит на крыше киевской высотки

In the midst of a dispute, the owner pulled out a Makarov pistol and started shooting. One of the guests suffered gunshot wounds, incompatible with life, two more men with gunshot wounds were hospitalized, the doctors.

Recall, as passed Politeka, law enforcement officers denied the information that a passenger bus in Kiev, near the metro station “Teremki” fired. The details of the incident reported in the Department of communication of the police of Kiev. It specified that during an incident in the Goloseevsky district of the capital no one was hurt.

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And the experts who examined the vehicle, confirmed that the minibus was fired. The police asked the man, who reported that four men ran to the van and damaged Windows and wheels.

Police carefully inspected the scene and the vehicle. However, they did not find shell casings, and the nature of damage and the car has not confirmed the shooting.

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