“Scored” for soccer in Russia is brewing a scandal over a breach of contract with FIFA

"Забили" на футбол: в России назревает скандал из-за нарушения договора с ФИФА

The Russian channel has violated its contract with FIFA, “sliding” broadcast one of the matches of the world championship on football in favor of Formula 1

Before the start of the championship the channels that claim to broadcast the games of the tournament, signed a contract with FIFA. It clearly stated that the broadcasters are obliged to show all world Cup games all live.

"Забили" на футбол: в России назревает скандал из-за нарушения договора с ФИФА

Failure to comply with this requirement is a direct violation of the sponsorship obligations.

Today one of the owners of the official rights to broadcast the world Cup matches TV channel “live TV” violated these obligations. He began to broadcast a game between South Korea and Mexico on 11 minutes after the start of the match, because before that I broadcast the races of Formula 1.

It remains unknown, whether to apply the FIFA penalties to the channel and what will be the punishment.

"Забили" на футбол: в России назревает скандал из-за нарушения договора с ФИФА

We will remind that earlier Russian players offered to check for doping because of a suspicious series of victories in the matches of the world Cup.

This idea was made by the head of the U.S. anti-doping Agency Travis Tygart. After the Russian team confidently beat the team of Saudi Arabia (5:0) and Egypt (3:1) and reached the play-offs, he said that her players need to check for the presence of prohibited substances in the body, according to British newspaper the Telegraph.

“We need to actively test the national team of Russia to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the world Cup. Those who show outstanding results, you should check more often,” said Tygart.
He believes that in this world Cup, Russia has demonstrated surprisingly impressive results for their level.

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Before Politeka reported that Russia is literally going to pay dearly for wanting to show off their economic capabilities on the world Cup.

Experts now predict that the Russian regions after the 2018 world Cup will face serious economic problems in connection with the need to maintain in a satisfactory condition.

This is stated in the report of international rating Agency Fitch Ratings.

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