The team lost: experts said he is waiting for Argentina after the defeat in the 2018 world Cup

Команда потеряна: эксперты рассказали, что ждет Аргентину после поражения на ЧМ-2018

Failure of Lionel Messi and his team shocked the football experts

Argentina’s national team with the score 3:0 lost to Croatia at the world Cup-2018. Previous match against Iceland, a team of Lionel Messi ended in a draw. One point in two games makes the playoffs extremely difficult for the Argentines.

Coach Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone spoke about the game of his countrymen, writes Know.

Команда потеряна: эксперты рассказали, что ждет Аргентину после поражения на ЧМ-2018

Now with the team going on what has happened in the last four years. Anarchy. The team lost. As for Messi, he is very good when next to him are playing extraordinary football. If you had to choose to a regular team Ronaldo or Messi, what would choose?” — said coach of “Indians”.

However, Simeone is confident that Argentina will be released in the playoffs of the world Cup.

The team looks bad, but I think I will pass on. Nigeria will win at Iceland, so in the last round will have to beat Nigeria and expect that Iceland will beat Croatia“, — said Cholo.

Coach Manchester United Jose Mourinho smashed Argentina goalkeeper Willy Caballero, because of a bug which the team conceded the first goal.

The Croats scored a goal, scored with the first chance. Put me in the gate or Caballero won’t make any difference. I was rescued just as he. In any threat situation I would not be saved, “—said the coach of Manchester United.

The Match Argentina — Croatia

Wonderful match gave Croatia in the match against Argentina in the framework of group D in the group stage of the world Cup.

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The first half of the game in Nizhny Novgorod ended in a goalless draw.

At the beginning of the second half, Ante Rebić took advantage of a defensive error to Argentines and goalkeeper Willy Caballero. Striker of Eintracht beautifully sent a ball in gate of Hispanics and did in the 53rd minute the score 1:0 in favor of the Croats.

Argentines rushed to recoup, but the Golden lilies skillfully played in defence and on the counter. In the end, in the 80th minute, the midfielder of real Madrid Luka Modric magnificent strike made the score 2:0.

And in the 90th minute of Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic has dealt with in the penalty area of Argentina and put an end to the match with his goal kick!

3:0 — victory of Croatia, which is already out in the playoffs of the world Cup.

Команда потеряна: эксперты рассказали, что ждет Аргентину после поражения на ЧМ-2018

Russian active fans prepare for skirmishes with the British during their visit to Volgograd on match of the 2018 world Cup between their national team and Tunisia.

As it became known that the local ultras will be in the city on the Volga, from 14 to 18 June, when there will arrive guests from the UK.

It is emphasized that the purpose of the trip of the Russian fans put it clashes with the British. The tabloid claims that they prepare the guests of the 2018 world Cup from Britain “festival of violence.”

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