Ukrainians attacked a rabid animal has already been “captured” lake

Украинцев атакуют бешеные животные, уже "захватили" озеро

In Ukraine frequent attacks of animals, some of which are mad

So, in the village of Semenivka in Vinnytsia region a rabid badger has bitten a person and attacked Pets.

“It pounds 30. Legs began to bite, I then hands were dragging him off. I fight with him could not. The neck is really rough, think maybe I’m gonna strangle him. Such a rough neck and not get anything”, — said the victim Adidassupernova.

Next time from the bite of an animal affected dog, cow and goat.

Badger eventually stabbed with a pitchfork, put him in the winery for examination, and then confirmed that he was sick with rabies.

Украинцев атакуют бешеные животные, уже "захватили" озеро

The village has been quarantined, veterinarians are vaccinated against rabies all Pets, because it is unknown, whether already passed the danger.

“Badger, him or their two is not clear. Because in the first case, the badger ran away, and inflicted bites, the second badger was Packed. Therefore, no guarantee will not give”, — explained the vet.

In addition, in Kiev in Dneprovskiy district beaver attacked the Park “Victory”. Animals nibble the trees.

According to eyewitnesses, the animals soon will completely destroy willow lake.

Photos of the damaged tree published from Kiev, Svetlana Sanina in the Park group in Facebook.

Украинцев атакуют бешеные животные, уже "захватили" озеро

Украинцев атакуют бешеные животные, уже "захватили" озеро

“Employees who were in the Park and who reported it, said I don’t know what to do,” she wrote.

Activists in the comments said that they are going in the near future to resolve this situation and install a metal grid around the tree.

Recall, as passed Politeka, unknown dismantled part of the dam on the issuing channel Bortnychi aeration station Osokorki. Destroyed that part of the protective structures, which provided rasseivayushchei the release of treated water into the Dnieper.

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“Unknown stole the concrete slab of the dam, it is possible to free the passage for boats and submarines, and maybe for another reason. The goal of the attackers is unknown to us. We regard this incident as an ordinary theft. Someone is stealing the manhole covers, some lamps, lanterns and benches in the parks, and we have the thieves stole the plate, what caused significant damage to the company”, — told in “Kievvodokanale.”

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