2018 world Cup: Germany blamed the failure of the national team UFO and showed evidence

ЧМ-2018: Германия обвинила в провале сборной НЛО и показали доказательства

During a football match at the 2018 world Cup, fans have spotted a UFO

The staff concerned were published in the Internet.

So, during the game between Mexico and Germany, one of the football fans noticed a flying object that resembles a UFO. “Flying saucer” for some time hung in the air, while not having any wings or propeller.

No less remarkable is the fact that the German side, most likely in jest, blamed him for the failed games of their own team.

ЧМ-2018: Германия обвинила в провале сборной НЛО и показали доказательства

At the same time, skeptics believe that the object that hit the camera of a fan, is some part of the design of the stadium or sports drone with camera sweep panorama. With it, according to them, the game was removed from the height of bird flight.

ЧМ-2018: Германия обвинила в провале сборной НЛО и показали доказательства

Recall that a single court in Moscow to “punish” Ukrainian fan, who had allegedly violated the “rules of conduct”. About it reports a press-the Secretary of Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova.

“The citizen of Ukraine S. V. Kravchenko guilty of a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to an administrative fine in the amount of 7 thousand rubles”, — she noted.

Moreover, according to the court, the Ukrainian forbade attending any official sporting events.

“Kravchenko also denied visits to venues of sporting events for 6 months. At the hearing the man admitted his guilt,” she said.

It should be clarified that the reason for such a harsh “punishment” was that during the football game between Saudi Arabia and Russia, he ran out onto the playing field.

As he wrote Politeka, the football world Cup in Russia has clearly demonstrated to local fans, in which a totalitarian state they live in. About this problem, wrote the reporter of a major Russian sports newspaper “championship.kom” Dmitry Egorov. He argues that during the 2018 world Cup has become a particularly noticeable difference in the attitude of the Russian government to foreigners and locals.

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“You remember that the world Cup – he’s big cities and to the Urals. And think, and that will be July 16, when break the spell? Let us buy beer in the stadiums? Will the riot police to remove our drunken choir on your phone? Will the fan aisle before the match at the stadium instead of into the sump? Do we dare my friends to gather at night on St. Nicholas street and hang there though something inconsistent?”, — the journalist writes.

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