No money but you stay there: the heroine of this movie with Medvedev improvements wait? VIDEO

Денег нет, но вы там держитесь: героиня ролика с Медведевым улучшений дождалась? ВИДЕО

Expectations of a resident of the Crimea, which two years ago complained to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on low pensions, have not been realized. She stated this to journalists of Ukrainian of the Crimea.Realities.

In 2015, a woman told Medvedev that on a small pension is impossible to survive. The one she promised to index the payment, without specifying the timeframe.

“There is no money… You stay here, you all the best, good mood and health,” – Medvedev said the phrase that has become famous.

Currently, the pensioner is forced to lead the household to compensate for the lack of pension.

However, she supports the Russian President Vladimir Putin, believing that assistance from the state will wait.

In addition, it recommended that Medvedev “to keep”, and the Ukrainian hryvnia believes that more stable currency than the ruble.

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